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Everyone wants to stay in shape in Summer and the 3-Week Bonus plan helps you do exactly that! 


3 weeks of straight-up whole food meal plans with shopping guides and inspiration to help you stay in shape all Summer.


With all the health benefits of my 7-day diet plans,  you can keep the goodness going for 3 whole weeks!

Summer Whole Food Diet Plan: 3 Week Bonus!

  • 3 Weeks worth of whole food diet plans, recipes and lifestyle ideas to suit the Summer season. As per all my programs, this plan is: 

    • No or low gluten
    • No or low dairy
    • No additives or preservatives
    • Low GI
    • No processed sugar
    • No trans fats
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • High fibre
    • Rich vitamin & mineral content
    • High in Antioxidants
    • High in phytonutrients
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