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Be Well, Buy Well

People always ask me where to buy the best wholefoods, how to buy in bulk, where to get good clean cosmetics and so on. This page is my way of connecting you with food and lifestyle products that support your health. What you put on your body is as important as what you put in your body, so as well as food choices, you'll find chemical free cosmetics, low-tox cleaning and household products here as well. These suppliers are consciously making healthy, sustainable and eco-friendly products with planet-friendly outcomes.
We're all better off for that.
So to be well, buy well!

Goodness Me Box
Save 10% with code: AGNESA10

When I say 'go buy some nutritional yeast," or "check out my favourite saurkraut," this is where you'll find it! Goodness Me has loads of healthier food options and low-tox home and body products. Their foods and ingredients are screened by a nutritionist, so they're streets ahead of commercial packaged foods. You can also sign up for a Goodness Me Box and get a bunch of the latest healthy stuff to try for just $25 a month!

USE CODE: AGNESA10  and save 10%


Our Cow
$50 off your first order

I always advocate more plant foods than meat, but when meat is on the menu, I recommend small amounts of organic, grass fed meat from sustainable sources. I know that can be expensive, and Our Cow is a magnificent solution. Our Cow is a collective of Aussie farming families selling grass fed meat & poultry direct from the farm to you! They champion improved use of land, carbon sequestering, better conditions for animals and more sustainable farming practices. It puts more $$ in the farmers pocket, is better for the environment and SO much better for you! Sign up with my link you'll get $50 off your first purchase.

Time for a sauna?

For thousands of years, cultures across the world have used heat therapies and sauna for health. They encourage sweat, detox, circulation and cardiac stress resilience. Infra Red sauna is next level allowing heat penetration at skin, tissue and cell level. Sunlighten is one of the best brands on the market, with near, mid and far IR technology and programs built in to address your changing needs every time you sit inside. I LOVE mine.
If you'd like to know more, let me know below.

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