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Summer Bonus - 3 Weeks Whole Food Diet Plan




Everyone wants to stay in shape in Summer and the 3-Week Bonus plan helps you do exactly that! You get 3 weeks of straight-up meal whole food meal plans with shopping guides and inspiration to help you stay in shape all Summer, despite the extra days and nights out! With all the benefits of my 7-day programs from weight loss, to better bowel movements, reduced bloating and extra energy, this plan helps keep the goodness flowing for 3 whole weeks! Easy-to-make recipes with practical, nutrition and lifestyle tips will help take your Summer health to the next level! As always, shopping lists, to do lists and everything you need to make healthy eating easy is included. All you have to do is sign up and start! Your Summer Bonus 3-Week Meal Plan includes: - 3 Weeks of Summer Whole Food Meal Plans - Weekly shopping list & food prep instructions - Easy-to-Follow Recipes - Step by step instructions to guide you each day - Shopping, health and food tips - Discounted personal coaching $30 for 30 mins Note: This plan contains some gluten containing recipes. You will need to sub some out if necessary. This plan will be ACTIVE for 45 days from selected start date.

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